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Educational / Interesting Articles
10 Negatives of Working in a Call Center and 5 Positives.
5 Reasons to Remain a Nurse and 10 Ways to Avoid Burnout
Top 5 Reasons People Stay and Leave their Jobs.
2 Reasons a 3 Year Old Won't Potty Train. Difficult Toilet Trainers!
5 methods teachers use to improve student performance
Homework Tips for Parents with Struggling Kids
6 Benefits of Homework and the Homework Checklist
5 Open Alternatives to Conflict Situations

School, Work Papers and Notes
ITIL Practice Questions part 2. The three Service Provider business models?
ITIL Practice Questions. example: BEST definition of a Configuration Item (CI)?
ITIL - Continual Service Improvement Model (CSI Model) questions
ITIL - Processes in the Service operation are:
ITIL - The 7 Rs of Change Management
ITIL - 5 Processes in the Service Transition
ITIL - Capacity Management consists of 8 main activities
ITIL - Five major aspects of Service Design
ITIL - Service Strategy, Service Package, Service Portfolio Management
Help Desk vs. Service Desk explained
RACI model is a powerful tool utilized to define roles and responsibilities
Leader-member exchange (LMX), Conflict and Emotional Intelligence
Contemporary Leadership Theories - Old, bureaucratic leadership styles must give way
Contextual Leadership and its Approach
Personal Attributes of Leadership - Research Paper
Transformational leadership and how it pertains to strategic vision
Jeff Bezos was a visionary leader but some say that he was a transformational
Small wins that can be attained that will move an organization forward
A shared vision for my organization (example)
One-page credo left to my employees (example)
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5 High School Football Tips for Coaches - Coach to Win
5 Benefits of Joining a High School Sport
5 Reasons to quit a high school sport and 3 consequences
Wrist Curls / Reverse Wrist Curls Sets / Supersets to Failure
Massive Forearms / Flexors – Tire Flipping, Best Forearm Exercise

10 Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car vs. a New Car
When Should a Car Thermostat be Replaced?

Bloomington-Normal IL police are racist.
Climate of business in this modern age
If the white man wanted you gone, they could do it tomorrow
To Black People: A few things on my mind
Frustration at work, Anger at Management

Poem: I drove away from my past.
Best 6 Bars in Naperville - The Best of Naperville
Do you keep your rage bottled up inside? Take the Quiz.
An American Indian Short Story about Respect by Dennis Banks
They walk among us, they breed, and they vote…....

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